Behavioral questions.

guillain bisimwa
2 min readFeb 22, 2021


Power of self-questioning!

You have probably been where you are asked questions to test your personality? just like me, the first time seems a little embarrassing …

Believe me, the pitfalls are really multiple.

Let’s stay focused and logical … after all, they are not going to bite you, it’s just questions.

You have to know how to give thoughtful and deliberate answers. Remember, the behavioral question is a tool used by your interlocuter to measure your competencies and skills. For example to the question of knowing who you are, is better to avoid the answers such as “I am a mom”, “I am a developer”, …. the goal is to prove your value make your interlocutor understand how you handle different situations.

We often come up against questions that we have never encountered before. It seems normal the first time, but if it is a question that concerns us directly, it puts us in an uncomfortable situation, and sometimes we can even respond in a hurry and confuse the interlocutor.

Asking yourself about your skills and your behavior, whether it’s for the interview or something else, you need to prepare yourself accordingly.

Ideally, even take the time to write on a piece of paper or write down your accomplishments or highlights from your resume and make sure you can talk about them in detail. Self-questioning really allows us to answer deep questions such as: what was my role in this project? What motivates me? Which problem or complexity I was faced with? How did I solve the problem? How did I approach the situation? Remember that answers may change over time. This is why it is essential to ask this question frequently.

Answering behavioral questions is never easy because many people don’t take the time to get a clear idea of their abilities. As a result, they do not know too much about their weaknesses and their strengths. The goal is to be specific because when you are specific you avoid being seen as arrogant. Whenever you talk about yourself, keep control and give the fact and let the interlocutor interpret and conclude. Focus on yourself, not your team, remember that it is only you who are being evaluated. Your way of answering questions can determine whether you are well organized or not in your life,

In short, your success must come from you, staying consistent is important, they can see it even in the way you behave. During your interventions take into account the aspect of what your resume is described. Do not forget to highlight your capacities in leadership, teamwork, humility, initiative, hardworking …



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